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Cakes just keep getting better as the days are passing by and the Unicorn Doll Cake has increased the level of it even more. This cake is actually a Unicorn angel cake where the cute Unicorn is wearing a cute white gown that is made with fondant and covered with cream. The lower base of the cake is of vanilla flavor which is supper sweet and tasty. The cake is covered with fresh and yummy whipped cream that makes things even better. It takes more than 6 hours at times to make a perfect Unicorn Doll Cake as this is a unique cake with lots of hard work put in to get it ready.

A Unicorn doll cake for your child

Children love birthdays and they love dolls. Every year the child eagerly looks for a special unique birthday cake to celebrate the significant occasion. if the boy is obsessed with superheroes and always wants either a Superman, Batman or a Spiderman cake for his birthday, the girl wants a Snow White, princess or even a Unicorn doll cake. New Unicorn is one such unique theme for a birthday party- the child looks forward to getting birthday princess dress, Unicorn decorations on the birthday as well as a Unicorn birthday cake for her birthday! Unicorn has an evergreen appeal among the children. Mostly among the girls, the Unicorn doll has a significant liking and attraction due to its development as a global icon almost and the trendy and fashionable look. As such, getting a Barbie doll cake for the child would be the significant highlight of the birthday celebration at Sweet Cake. Barbie is loved by girls of all ages- be it little toddlers and kids or even the teenagers who surely has one at least treasured in their collection. Unicorn dolls are stylish and trendy and visually appealing too. Getting Barbie party flavours and especially the cake is a must have to make the birthday celebration of the girl special.


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