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Photo Cake Delivery in Delhi & Noida

Now you can eat your photos with the amazing photo cake delivery in Delhi, transform your amazing memories into beautiful cakes and eat them to your fill. Photo Cakes are a newer concept and a great way to share their photos and memories. Any photo or drawing can be transformed into a beautiful photo cake with the help of advanced photo print and cake making technologies. The same can also be applied to cupcakes, sweet fudge, chocolate and ice creams. Edible photo cakes are 100% edible and are created from frosting pressed in an ultra thin layer on a baking sheet. The images are then created on the cake with an ink jet printer using edible inks. The images from the printer come out clear similar to the photo giving it a beautiful look. Making a photo cake is easier. One just has to peel and place the edible photo over the frosted treat to create amazing and professional looking photo cakes and desserts. The person can also add cake toppers to give it a more attractive look. Edible image designer prints are like hot cakes nowadays- they are high in demand and in market.

Get your photo cake customized as per your need

There are varied collection of designs and prints suitable for photo cake delivery in Noida. One can choose from polka dots, strips, animal images, holiday photos and many more. The edible pictures can also be customized according to the requirements of the person. Additionally, they can be ordered as per the required size or may also include personalised message. Photo cakes are however, costly in comparison to other cakes. Some of the essential features of a photo cake include:

  • Personalized Touch: Photo cakes give the celebration an entire new look and a personal touch as the cake is created with one’s own sweet memories of life. They are a perfect treat to gift to a loved one or as a surprise on his/her birthday or anniversary.
  • Easier To Make: Making photo cakes with edible photographs are the easiest thing to do. One can even indulge their children to make photo cakes as it would be an interesting task for them. They can made beautiful cupcakes for their friends and also decorate them all with edible cake toppers they like.
  • Affordable: Photo cakes are an affordable choice for making cakes with edible photos. Because of the availability of icing sheets online, the photo cakes have become easier to make. One just needs to get a good icing sheet design online and order it to get it delivered at home. The price range of different icing sheets differ with their sizes and type.
  • Last Minute Readiness: Because of their easier process of preparation and affordability, the photo cakes can be prepared at the last minute also. Be it a surprise birthday party or the kid’s birthday party, one can quickly prepare a cake and embed in the edible image on it. All the mother needs is a ready make or a home-made cake, order the edible photo online and prepare the photo cake at home on the birthday.
  • Varied Occasions: Photo cakes are not only meant for birthday parties, but can also be used for anniversaries, get together, baby shower, weddings and many more occasions. They can also be used for professional or corporate events and occasions. The only thing required is a good photograph or drawing the person wishes to imprint on the photo cake.

So, give life to your photos and memories and turn your celebrations into wonderful moments with photo cakes. Recreate any memory and any situation with edible photos on your cakes.  

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