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Basket Arrangment

Basket Arrangment

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The Basket Arrangement is an ideal gift for corporate as well as you loved ones when you are going to their homes. This is a huge bouquet that is arranged on a basket to be kept as a home décor that will both spread warm aroma of roses and add beauty to the whole room where it is placed. Specially chosen leaves are shaped and arranged along with 24 roses which you can see all over the basket. The roses in the Basket Arrangement are of various sizes and easily pluck able in case the person who you are gifting it to needs a special one for her.


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30 Red -Roses Basket Arrangment Roses are multi-petal flowers available in an array of colours. Some varieties are known for their prickles along the stems of the plant, which are used to deter predators. Many species are now cultivated although there are still varieties that grow in the wild.
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